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How the PeniMaster® affiliate program works

25% = up to over 75 Euros from the first sale

The PeniMaster affiliate program offers webmasters commission payments and trading conditions with which they can make big savings on the costs and time outlay of a dealer for goods purchasing, storage, forwarding, collection etc: up to 25% commission on the net sale price (pay-per-sale) takes the load off you, and helps you to optimise your PeniMaster affiliate internet pages in your own time and maximise your number of visitors: We do the rest.

With already one corresponding sale you can earn up to more than 75 Euros of commission.

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Register - Log-in - Insert partnerlink to shop = sell and earn

We offer you everything you can expect as a webmaster from a top class affiliate programme.
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  • Simply apply to be a PeniMaster affiliate using the online form.
  • We check your application as quickly as possible, normally within one working day.
  • You can very easily integrate the source code of the selected advertising media and transfer links, inclusive of the individual affiliate ID into your internet pages.
  • From then on, through the affiliate ID, each call up or click on an advertising media will be automatically assigned to your account and immediately displayed in the real time click statistics of the affiliate area. It goes without saying that this also applies to sales! So that you don’t first have to log into the partner area to test your success, you also receive records of your sales immediately subsequent to every online order by email.
  • In the billing area, you can find the monthly credits alongside wide ranging invoicing and open items – meaning commission that you will receive at a later payment – all of the documentation, therefore, that will make your tax authority happy and your billing more clear for you.
  • List And your commissions for your procured sales? These will be paid into your account by credit transfer or by PayPal, and worldwide from four weeks after the cancellation-secure crediting of the purchase amount onto our bank account.

Good reasons for the PeniMaster® affiliate programme

The advertising space on your internet pages is your capital. As a professional, you therefore decide exactly which offers you advertise there so as not to give anything away.

Strong-selling products

PeniMaster is the most technologically innovative penis enlargement device designed on the bar basis world wide. The device is protected by patents in many countries and is only offered via the internet by selected dealers. Since its introduction onto the market, PeniMaster has attained a fixed position as a strong, innovative and unmistakable brand with an excellent name. The devices are subject to continuous further development which is why the product return and purchase cancellation figures are low. As a partner, you also benefit from this through the new products in the PeniMaster family of products that are automatically included in the affiliate programme.

Very high procurement commissions – payment from the first Euro

You will receive 25% of the net product value of a PeniMaster penis expander from the first sale. This way, commissions of more than 75 Euros are already possible for only one procured sale.

A reliable manufacturer with good links to customers from Germany

Your partner, MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG, is the inventor, legal proprietor, and manufacturer of PeniMaster. With this affiliate programme, you will not have to work with any middlemen, you will simply get the maximum possible commission directly paid to you by us: on time and transparent. We supply our goods from Germany and do not desert our customers after they have made their purchases. We reliably deal with inquiries regarding product use or spare parts to the complete satisfaction of our customers and with complete goodwill.

Register here for the affiliate programme!

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Penimaster Made in Germany
Affiliate programme PeniMaster®
  • Register here for the affiliate programme!
  • strong-selling, innovative products
  • high commissions - payout from the first Euro
  • advertising material with high click rates
  • informative product page
  • easily memorable internal addresses
  • procurement protection for webmasters
  • a choice of advertising the product page or the online shop
  • no requirement to exclusivity
  • reliable manufacturer from Germany