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Retractive (retreating) penis

Penis shortening due to overweight

Iceberg the smaller part of which is above the water and the predominant part of which is underwater.

The causes of a short penis due to obesity

Strongly overweight men frequently have a shorter penis than normal- or underweight men. This subjective impression obtained while being in the sauna or nudist areas can be practically demonstrated by observations of men quite often having a significantly longer penis after having lost large amounts of weight. The correlation of being overweight and having a small penis / shorter (retractive) penis due to obesity / on the basis of being overweight as such / negative concomitant effects of obesity / shortening of the penis in the event of obesity.

Optically small penis due to ambient fat

A penis will appear optically smaller if it is surrounded by excessive body fat at its base (penis shaft, point of emergence from the body). The organic length of the penis is not actually shortened here, but its length that can be used for sexual penetration. As a rule of thumb it can be stated that if a man is ten kilograms overweight, this will result in an optically shorter penis by approx. one centimetre with correspondingly lower sexual stimulation length in each case. For example, a normal-weight man of 80 kilograms with an erect penis length of 16 centimetres would only dispose of approx. 11 centimetres of visible and sexually usable penis length if he had a body weight of 130 kilograms. The remaining five centimetres of the penis would be flanked by his overweight-related fat apron.

Real (retractive) penis shortening due to consequential diseases caused by overweight

The penis does not become retractive, i.e. actually smaller respectively shrinking, on the basis of the overweight as such, but on the basis of the health issues often related to the aforementioned. Quite often strongly overweight men suffer from a reduction of male sex hormones with the consequence of a decreasing frequency of erections or erectile dysfunction. This may contribute to cavernous body degeneration due to insufficient oxygen supply. Circulation problems, hypertension, and other negative concomitant effects of high overweight also have adverse effects on the erectile function and indirectly on the health and the consistency of the penis.

If both aspects described above occur simultaneously, the adverse effect regarding the penis length may be correspondingly dramatic.

Losing weight as causal form of treatment

Therefore, the most recommendable penis elongation for an overweight man that can also be recommended on the basis of general health reasons is the loss of weight: changes to the diet + sport.

PeniMaster penis expanders may result in an actual penis elongation by stretching the penis, counteracting the optical shortening of the penis in the event of overweight. It is possible to positively counteract a retractive shrinkage process of the penis as a consequence of concomitant effects of strong overweight by training the penis tissue by means of PeniMaster.