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Retractive (retreating) penis

Penis operation: prevention and follow-up

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On the basis of the methodology, body tissue must be cut and the resulting wound must be seamed up afterwards within the framework of an operative penis elongation or penis straightening.

This way, the retinaculum of the penis will be cut completely or partially and re-attached at a lower position within the framework of a penis elongation operation (Fig. 1). Within the framework of a penis straightening operation, tissue will be removed unilaterally for compensation purposes at a suitable location in a targeted manner.

Graphical representation of a penis and the operative sectioning of the retinaculum in the body for penis elongation purposes.
Fig. 1
When the penis is elongated by means of an operation, the retinaculum is sectioned within the body and re-attached at a lower position. This way, the penis protrudes more from the body.

Within the framework of the healing procedure, the scar tissue may retract and may destroy the result achieved by means of the operation partially or even as a whole, i.e. retract the penis from the outside back into the body or re-bending the straightened penis. 
A penis expander worn in accordance with the specifications of the physician in charge may counteract this retractive process and provide a contribution to securing the result of the operation.

Even before a planned operation of the penis (e.g. in the case of  Induratio penis plastica or a correction of an inherited penis deviation) a long-term elongation treatment in accordance with the physician's specifications may support the therapy.