The PeniMaster PRO basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view

The hose application system for PeniMaster PRO®​

The space-saving, light-weight hose application system for PeniMaster PRO consists of a hose valve with sealing plug and an extension hose with hose connector. It is used as an alternative to the pump ball application system and fits into the smallest pockets.

Using the approx. 50cm long hose system, PeniMaster PRO is applied according to the straw principle. For this, the standard rotary valve of PeniMaster PRO is replaced by the hose valve. The hose connector is used to connect the extension hose that is used to blow air into the glans chamber (over-pressure) or to remove air from the glans chamber (vacuum).

In this, the adaptive diaphragm seals the hose application system against body and functional fluids on the one hand, and the physiological contact area to the glans against germ-containing saliva on the other hand.

Product advantages:

  • fits in every pocket
  • extremely light-weight
  • simple, intuitive application

Penimaster Made in Germany


  • application according to the straw principle
  • intuitive
  • space-saving
  • hygienic


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