The PeniMaster PRO Basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO test and laboratory test report

  • Maximum weight tested: 7.6kg
    WARNING: Please do not imitate!
    The weight of 7.6 kg was only used to demonstrate the systemic performance of PeniMaster PRO. The normal traction range of penis expander: 200g - 1100g. Higher traction forces increase the risk of side effects (e.g. penile shaft strains).
  • tested permanent weight: 1.25kg
  • safe hold on the glans
  • Use of contact liquid only possible with a form fit (anatomical shape of the glans fixation + adaptive membrane)
  • No recognizable physiological side effects from the application
  • Reusable immediately after dropping

A subject demonstrates the capability of PeniMaster PRO within the framework of a video test report.

Laboratory test PeniMaster PRO

PeniMaster PRO is an adaptive positive-locking connection with the glans of the penis. Normally, the glans fixation is combined with elongation belts or rods in order to elongate the penis. However, the belt respectively rod system used for the aforementioned is not suitable for representing the maximum fixation capacity of the device on the penis within the framework of a test. The belt does not dispose of any measuring device and the measuring range of the spring balance of the rod system is insufficient for this because the pulling forces exerted on the penis for a short period of time during the test are many times higher than recommended for regular application. Therefore, commercially available metal weights the realness of which is verified by means of spring balances are used as physical substitutes of the mechanical pulling force generators during the test of the medical penis expander. The subject furthermore applies weights to the penis constituting respectively slightly increasing the maximum for long-term application. The test takes 60 minutes and is documented without interruptions. Moreover, there will be no cuts due to the film and a permanently filmed timer can be seen in the window in order that the continuity of the displayed application can be comprehended by the viewer.

Test objectives

  1. demonstrating the systemic maximum resilience (due to reasons of safety with weights of approx. 7.6kg at the most.)
  2. demonstrating the systemic permanent resilience with the highest rated weight for regular application of approx. 1.,2kg
  3. demonstrating and assessing the physiological condition of the glans after the test

Test record and implementation

  1. A spring balance is loaded with a weight of 7.2kg. Overall weight, including spring balance: 7.6kg
  2. The spring balance, including weights, is attached to a PeniMaster PRO basic glans fixation that is attached to the penis of a free-standing subject. In order to illustrate the weight it is shown equivalently in water bottles. Due to reasons of safety the weight is removed after 30 seconds.
  3. A spring balance is loaded with a weight of 1.25kg.
  4. The spring balance, including weights, is attached to a PeniMaster PRO basic glans fixation that is attached to the penis of the free-standing subject.
  5. A timer is set to T-60 minutes.
  6. After 60 minutes, the PeniMaster PRO glans fixation is removed from the penis.
  7. The subject wipes the contact liquid (ProMaster Comfort & Care) from the glans.
  8. Immediately afterwards, the PeniMaster PRO glans fixation is re-attached to the penis, whereby contact liquid must be used again, and loaded with a weight of 1.25kg.


  1. PeniMaster PRO also remains reliably attached to the penis in the event of a pulling force exceeding the recommended maximum application pulling force by seven times.
  2. PeniMaster PRO also remains reliably attached to the penis over longer periods of time with the maximum pulling force recommended for application.
  3. Afterwards, PeniMaster PRO can be removed easily.
  4. The glans is not irritated, deformed, or swollen a few seconds after the device has been removed.
  5. PeniMaster PRO can easily be re-attached to the penis immediately and put under pulling force.
  6. Despite contact fluid between PeniMaster PRO and glans, the medical product does not slip off the penis.

Interpretation / conclusion

PeniMaster PRO can transfer very high pulling forces to the penis that are not recommended for the application in any case, however. The fixing capacity of the system is maintained completely with relatively high elongation forces even after longer application times. Shortly after removal from the penis, no adverse physiological modifications to the glans are visible. On the basis of the adaptive diaphragm and the special anatomic shape of the glans chamber, the glans is not deformed, e.g. lengthened in a cylindrical manner. Despite used oily liquid, the fixing capacity is maintained completely which is only possible in the event of a positive-locking connection between glans and fixing unit.

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