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Medical report Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle regarding PeniMaster®PRO (2)

The use of PeniMaster Pro in penis length enlargement and penis enlargement surgeries.

Among the products I know and which are offered at congresses or on the Internet, there is only one device meeting the criteria mentioned above; this is the PeniMaster PRO, which is manufactured by the company MSP Concept GmbH (Ltd.) & Co. KG in Berlin/Germany and which is offered as a medical device - class I.

The anatomically fully formed glans fixation can be used with a linkage or with a differently worn belt intended for penis stretching. The belt system seems at first sight to be more flexible; however; the linkage shall not be worn in such a rigid way as it is likely to be worn. Though, the linkage can be used not earlier than two up to three weeks after performing penis length enlargement surgeries since the holding ring would exert pressure on the fresh scar tissue which can be observed after separation of the holding bands of the of the penis (suspensors).

Principally a penis extender is beneficial in the case of such length surgical procedures which aim at avoiding the shortening of the penis caused by scar tissue. Is that the case, a beneficial option is to wear the extender as a knee strap (vertically down to the bottom) or as a diagonal shoulder belt

Bell extenders can cause swelling of the foreskin if they are pulled together into the chamber. In addition; they can cause bruises or haematoma (blood effusion) on the glans penis. This kind of problems generally occur when the patient needlessly uses large vacuum or traction forces which can activate the system without the patient being familiar with such situations. However; this can be avoided by the use of an adaptive membrane, which automatically 'surrounds' the chamber when absorbed. Despite this; step by step the patient should and is supposed to get used within a period of circa two weeks to the penile traction therapy (PTT) as well as to higher traction forces.

When using the PeniMaster PRO System it is an important thing to emphasize that the afore-said glans penis membrane could dynamically fit while being worn and that there should be no situation where it would slide off due to accumulation of moisture (like sweat). Here we can see that -as a matter of fact -the tight fit and not the force fit between glans penis and glans chamber make the difference. Otherwise it is foreseen to use a middle- viscous silicone oil placed between the membrane and glans penis for more comfort and achieving additional adhesive binding force.

Since the adverse effects when using the PeniMaster PRO can easily be avoided through proper handling according to the usage instructions and since there is a quick healing up process during the pause period I consider the risk-benefit ratio in the case of this innovative device as being proper and I recommend it for the preoperative as well as postoperative use as the only possibility and option I have known till the present day.



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Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle
Plastischer Chirurg
Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle

Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle

Penimaster Made in Germany
Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle on penis surgery and PeniMaster PRO
  • PeniMaster PRO is the only expander meeting the requirements of Prof. Lemperle regarding a penis expander.
  • Despite design-related protective mechanisms against adverse effects caused by overload, the patient should get used to the device over a longer period of time.
  • As an outstanding fact, the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO engages in a positive-fit connection with the glans and does not slip off the penis due to sweat and grease.
  • Prof. Lemperle recommends PeniMaster PRO as the only option for pre- and post-surgical use.