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Questions and answers regarding PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO


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The penis expanders PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO can be worn on the penis for plastic-cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.
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PeniMaster is a rod-based penis expander with holding belt technology. PeniMaster PRO is a modularly designed penis expander system fixing the penis without any compression forces.
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The devices exert a pulling force on the penis. The elongation treatment trains the physiological capacity of the penis and stimulates the formation of new body cells within the penis.
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The devices can be used with nearly every penis size.
The penis expanders are suitable for men of any age. We recommend only starting the treatment when the penis has reached its final size upon completion of the body growth, at approx. 18 years of age.
The devices can be used until the desired treatment result is reached.
Already a wearing period of approx. three hours within a 24 hour day-night cycle may result in visible results. Application times between six and twelve hours during one day-night cycle are ideal. Longer application times do not necessarily result in better results, because the tissue will regenerate and react with growth to the previous elongation in the application pauses. Within the daily application time you can select the number and the duration of the pauses freely. The application time can be distributed to a couple of hours in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening, for example. Every 60-90 minutes, pauses of at least 5 minutes should be made within the framework of which the blood supply of the penis is stimulated with a slight regenerative massage and the cell growth is stimulated.
Basically, yes. As, while you are asleep, you cannot interrupt the application with supporting regenerative massages of the penis, wearing the devices over night is not recommended and should only be considered if no application times of several hours can be achieved during the day. If a penis expander must be applied while asleep nevertheless, the user should familiarize himself with the application in a sufficient manner and should have determined the pulling force and holding settings applicable to him while he is still awake. In this, wearing the device without any interruptions covering a period of several hours should be tested, as this corresponds to application over night. Please refer to the operating instructions of the respective product.


The treatment can be interrupted at any time and resumed at any point in time. The results achieved before the break will be maintained, except for elongation effects.
During the first four to twelve weeks of treatment, the length of the penis is increased only on the basis of the tissue elongation and not on the basis of the growth of new body cells. Such elongation successes are of a temporary nature only. If the penis becomes longer or thicker or if it changes its shape due to the application exceeding the period mentioned above, these results will mostly long remain even after the treatment is finished.
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The devices can be worn underneath any average suit or blue jeans.
The devices should be taken off during activities that require a lot of movement
In order to simulate the growth of the cell tissue in an ideal manner, a pulling force between 200 and 1200 grams should be selected.
During an erection, the penis is as long as it can be pulled at most in flaccid condition. It is therefore not necessary to adjust the rod or belt expander in such a case. The anatomically adaptive glans fixation of PeniMaster PRO automatically adapts to the changed size of the fixed glans during the erection. The flexible holding belt of PeniMaster arranged around the penis shaft should be loosened in the case of an erection, unless it slackens sufficiently.
Permanent side effects caused by the application of PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO are not known. Please observe the operating instructions of PeniMaster respectively PeniMaster PRO before application.
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