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Observations regarding the application and possible course of treatment*

The fields of application and possible results described herein result from reports of users and test participants, market data, analyses of scientific literature, studies, generally available sources (internet forums for example), and publications.

Wearing time and pulling force as decisive factors regarding the application of a PeniMaster penis expander

The longer a PeniMaster penis expander is used on a daily basis, the better the results that can be achieved*. If an elongation device is worn several hours a day over a period of several months, long-term elongations as well as an increase regarding the circumference of the flaccid and erected penis are possible. The achieved elongation values mostly are correspondingly lower particularly in the case of shorter wearing times. The ideal level of effectiveness is between 200 and 1200 grams. Lower or higher pulling forces do not enhance the enlargement and straightening results and may even worsen them.

Chronological course of treatment*

The changes to the penis are clearest in the case of intensive application over the first six months of application After this, the formation of new cells in the penis starts to slow, and at the same time, the growth and straightening of the penis also slow. This means that the treatment can normally be ended with good results* after half a year already. A longer period of use can improve the results* further – albeit at a slower rate than over the first months.

During the first four to twelve weeks of treatment, the length of the penis is mostly increased only on the basis of the tissue elongation and not on the basis of the growth of new body cells. Such elongation successes are of a temporary nature only. If the penis becomes longer or thicker or if it changes its shape due to the application exceeding the period mentioned above, these results will mostly be maintained even after the treatment is finished.

The changes achieved during treatment may vary during equal timeframes of applying the device. In other words, the enlargement respectively straightening of the penis may occur in intervals so that, when comparing identical periods of treatment (for example when comparing two months), different changes may occur (growth spurts /stagnation of the treatment). Particularly if there is an extended plateau period (no results for about four weeks) it may be advantageous to interrupt the treatment for up to one month and to continue the treatment afterwards.

proportionate elongation and thickening in both the flaccid and erect state can be found. This means that the penis may be enlarged uniformly in all erection conditions. 
It is also possible that the penis becomes significantly longer and/or thicker on the basis of the treatment in erected condition, for example, while the result in flaccid condition is less visible - or vice versa. This cannot be predicted in the individual case* and there are no statistically secured findings regarding the frequency of occurrence of this phenomenon.

Results* achieved after the fourth to twelfth week of application may be of a long-term nature, as the cell growth exceeding the elongation effects may be initiated in this period.

Possible improvement of libido and potency*

The sexual desire (libido), sexual stamina, and the hardness of an erection (potency), as well as the intensity of the orgasm can be improved through the treatment with PeniMaster. Presumable reasons for the aforementioned is the possible strengthening of the penis tissue through the use of the device (training results) on the one hand. On the other hand, another reason is that within the framework of the treatment men are forced to deal with their own penis which leads to an an increased sense of manhood and a better sense of their own sexuality, possibly strengthening their self esteem and decreasing complexes regarding their sexual partner.

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* As with all physiological treatments (e.g. physiotherapy), the possible results of the application of a penis expander also differ from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.