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Fun and games with PeniMaster

Spiel und Spass

Go for a game - You have nothing to lose!

The PeniMaster virtual online card game and PeniMaster puzzle is free of charge and you can play online immediately! There will be no software installed on your computer, and there won’t be any changes made to your PC configuration. The games are programmed in JavaScript and work on every PC if the browser option is not turned off. Come and join the fun!

PeniMaster virtual online card game

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The game

Find two identical pictures behind the 16 squares and turn them over!

This is how it works

  • Click on two boxes, one by one.
  • If you see two identical pictures, you scored and the pictures remain visible. If you happen to click on two different pictures, they will disappear and you’ve lost one turn this time around.
  • Try until you have uncovered all pictures. A good memory really helps...

The game will tell you afterwards how many moves you needed to finish!

PeniMaster puzzle

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Beginner Intermediate Advanced

The game

Memorise the picture before the start of the game and try to recreate it with the least amount of moves.

This is how it works

  • Choose between 16, 36 or 64 pieces for your puzzle.
  • Click on "start puzzle" to scramble the picture.
  • With your mouse, click on the squares to move them. Start with the two squares in the bottom right corner.

You will "puzzle" against the clock!