The glans fixation PeniMaster PRO basic for penis enlargement in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO Basic

ProMaster Comfort & Care for PeniMaster PRO

  • specifically adapted optional gliding oil
  • creates a film of liquid between glans of the penis and diaphragm
  • increases comfort
  • improves durability of the latex parts
  • very yielding
  • skin-friendly

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PeniMaster PRO Comfort Care gliding oil for ideal wearing comfort of the penis expander

Comfort and care agent for PeniMaster PRO

ProMaster Comfort&Care is a gliding oil adapted for PeniMaster PRO with a viscosity that is ideal for the application providing for maximum adhesion between adaptive diaphragm and glans and, thus, further increasing the fixing force of the penis expander. The thin film of liquid facilitates the application of PeniMaster PRO and maximises the wearing comfort, because skin and latex remain mobile regarding each other and this way "latex pinching" known from rubber gloves is prevented. As a special care agent, ProMaster Comfort&Care keeps the latex parts soft and smooth, whereby diaphragms and sluices of PeniMaster PRO can be used for up to ten days without replacement. 

ProMaster Comfort&Care is extremely yielding as it practically is not drawn in. Just a few drops are sufficient; the contents of one tube (50ml) are sufficient for up to hundred applications of PeniMaster PRO. 

ProMaster Comfort&Care is hygienic, skin-friendly, and not sensitising. The tasteless and odourless gliding oil is colourless, can be wiped easily off the skin, and can be washed off clothes easily, for example. 

Within the sealed dispensing tube with leakage protection, ProMaster Comfort&Care can be stored for a virtually unlimited period of time and can be used for at least twelve months after it was opened.

Product advantages:

  • facilitates the application of PeniMaster PRO
  • maximises wearing comfort and performance
  • maintains latex parts
  • skin-friendly, not sensitising
  • extremely economical application
  • very long durability
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