Penimaster + Penimaster PRO

PeniMaster Penisexpander (Penisextender)

PeniMaster are medical expanders (extenders; stretching devices) that can stretch the penis for a longer period of time and thus stimulate its cellular tissue. This enables plastic-cosmetic lengthening, thickening and straightening of the penis. The urological products can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

PeniMaster PRO rod expander system

For defined traction on the penis. Uniquely robust.

Generates the same pulling force on the entire penis; also allows for elongation in simulated erection position. With pulling force indicator and safety clip.

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PeniMaster PRO in combination with the PeniMaster rod pulling force generator

PeniMaster PRO belt expander system

For dynamic traction forces. Not only wearable as hip belt!

Can optionally be worn as hip belt, shoulder belt, or knee belt No counter pressure on the penis shaft due to attachment of the belt end to trousers or leg.

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Product photo of the PeniMaster PRO belt expander system

PeniMaster PRO weight expander

Intuitive "body-building" for the penis

The weight pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO exerts a defined and consistent pulling force on the penis, which is stretched vertically downward.

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The weight expander for PeniMaster PRO

PeniMaster PRO Basis

Shaped like the glans: holds securely to the penis, even when you sweat!

Patented technology for positive-locking fixation (support) of the glans without compression (squeezing) or deformation. Highest performance with comfort and care oil!

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Completely assembled glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basis with standard valve

Product comparison of all PeniMaster models

PeniMaster 100% money back.