The PeniMaster PRO basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO Basic

Application systems for PeniMaster PRO

In order to apply PeniMaster PRO to the penis, there are two systems to select from that can be used to generate both over-pressure and vacuum.

Pump ball application system

PeniMaster PRO glans fixation with standard valve and pump ball with valve adapter

The pump ball application system for PeniMaster PRO consists of a heavy duty pump ball and an automatic valve adapter.

The pump ball has an air volume of approx. 72cm3 that is sufficient to slightly arch the diaphragm of PeniMaster PRO to the outside initially within one application cycle (by applying pressure on the pump ball) and then to suck it with the glans of the penis up to the internal walls of the glans chamber, if required (by releasing the pump ball and by the reset force of the pump ball to its initial shape).

The valve adapter opens the standard rotary valve of PeniMaster PRO with a quarter of an anti-clockwise rotation. In this position, the pump can be used to push air into the glans chamber and to suck air from the glans chamber. Simultaneously, a gasket within the valve adapter prevents the penetration or escape of external air into or from the glans chamber. After removal, the pump ball application system automatically seals the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO in an air-tight manner.

Product advantages:

  • can be used with one hand
  • generates over-pressure and vacuum
  • opens, closes, and seals the glans chamber automatically
  • covered by the scope of delivery

Hose application system

PeniMaster PRO glans fixation with extension hose and hose valve

The space-saving, light-weight hose application system for PeniMaster PRO consists of a hose valve with sealing plug and an extension hose with hose connector. It is used as an alternative to the pump ball application system and fits into the smallest pockets.

Using the approx. 50cm long hose system, PeniMaster PRO is applied according to the straw principle. For this, the standard rotary valve of PeniMaster PRO is replaced by the hose valve. The hose connector is used to connect the extension hose that is used to blow air into the glans chamber (over-pressure) or to remove air from the glans chamber (vacuum).

In this, the adaptive diaphragm seals the hose application system against body and functional fluids on the one hand, and the physiological contact area to the glans against germ-containing saliva on the other hand.

Product advantages:

  • fits in every pocket
  • extremely light-weight
  • simple, intuitive application

Over-pressure and vacuum in PeniMaster PRO

Vacuum is the physical force within the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO holding the adaptive diaphragm of the chamber for positively fixing the glans in position.

Over-pressure is used to slightly arch the adaptive diaphragm to the outside before inserting the glans and, thus, to prevent trapped air between glans and diaphragm (this step is not absolutely required for application purposes).

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