The PeniMasterPRO Basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view

PeniMaster®PRO (Basic) operating instructions

PeniMasterPRO is delivered in a completely assembled condition and upon fixation on the penis using the pump ball or hose application system in combination with the belt or rod pulling force generators it can be used as penis expander. For this, please also observe the application videos and the PeniMasterPRO manual as .pdf file


Connecting PeniMasterPRO with adapter, diaphragm, sluice ring, and glans chamber

Wear parts can be replaced by new parts quickly with a few steps.

Instructions and video

Pump ball application system

alt="Preparation and use of the pump ball application system of PeniMasterPRO"

The pump ball application system of PeniMasterPRO is equipped with an automatic valve adapter with sealing mechanism for the glans chamber.

Instructions and video

Hose application system

Preparation and use of the hose application system of PeniMasterPRO

The hose application system for PeniMasterPRO works intuitively according to the straw principle (accessories)

Instructions and video


Simple cleansing of PeniMasterPRO with latex parts in assembled condition

PeniMasterPRO basic can be cleansed easily without having to replace the wear parts.

Instructions and video

Operating instructions

Title image of the comprehensive manual and operating instructions of PeniMasterPRO

The comprehensive manual for PeniMasterPRO contains the operating instructions for the application as rod and belt expander system.

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Manual/operating instructions