The glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basic for penis enlargement in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO Basic

Video: Schematic representation PeniMaster PRO (computer animation)


Schematic representation of PeniMaster PRO (basic) as computer animation

PeniMaster PRO fixes the glans of the penis without deforming or squeezing it

The computer animation shows the device for penis elongationpenis enlargement and penis straightening PeniMaster PRO (basic) in its schematic design.

A sectional representation shows how the glans of the penis is coated by the adaptive adhesion diaphragm and held inside the glans chamber by means of vacuum in a dimensionally stable manner and flexible regarding its size.

On the basis of the anatomically shaped chamber, the glans is not squeezed or deformed. The combination of the diaphragm with immediate contact to the glans of the penis and the anatomic glans chamber additionally results in the physical fixing forces adhesion and positive fit as essential holding forces, along with the lowest possible metered vacuum. As a result, PeniMaster PRO offers a physiologically appropriate fixation of the glans in order to be able to elongate the penis with suitable pulling force generators on belt or rod basis for therapeutic or plastic-cosmetic purposes.

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