The PeniMaster PRO Basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO Basic

PeniMaster PRO - (Basic) for penis elongation

Completely assembled PeniMaster PRO Basis glans fixation with standard valve
Shaped like the glans: holds securely to the penis, even when you sweat

What is PeniMaster PeniMaster PRO?

PeniMaster PRO​ is an anatomically self-adapting (positive-locking) connection to the glans of the penis.

PeniMaster PRO is used in combination with specifically adapted pulling force generators on the basis of rods or belts as a penis expander (penis elongator) for plastic-cosmetic or therapeutic purposes on the penis.

Product advantages

  • patented physiological-anatomic bio function design
  • supported by combined vacuumadhesion and positive-locking fit
  • shaped like the glans: holds securely to the penis, even when you sweat
  • adapts to the glans without squeezing or deforming it
  • suitable for each penis size, for circumcised and uncircumcised men
  • foreskin and lymph protection
  • can be used with belt or rods as penis expander
  • immediately pleasant without familiarisation
  • can be attached even without the pump ball, simple handling
  • easy cleansing, ideal hygiene
  • application over night is possible

Functional principle and fields of application

The concept of the system allows for training the penis in a varied, variable, and motivation-supporting manner. Within the framework of an elongation treatment, physiologically efficient pulling forces are transferred to the entire penis and to the glans. Similar to the concept of strength training, the aforementioned results in the present cell tissue becoming more powerful (improvement of libido and erection) and in new tissue being built in a shaping manner (elongation, thickening, and straightening of the penis).

more about fields of application and treatment effects

Bio functional design - the particularities of PeniMaster PRO

In doing so, PeniMaster PRO is fixed exclusively to the glans as the ideal pulling position, in order to elongate the penis uniformly over its entire length. No additional parts are attached to the very penis for fixation purposes, on the basis of which for example the pubic hair would have to be removed.


Schematic representation of PeniMaster PRO (basic) as computer animation

PeniMaster PRO adapts spontaneously to shape and size of the glans, independent of the erective condition of the same - and not the glans to the system: during application penis and glans may enlarge or become smaller. The fixing unit adapts to any number of erection cycles maintaining its complete functionality. However, in connection with the pulling force used the anatomically shaped system also stimulates the growth and consequently a more voluminous, plastic-cosmetic advantageous shape of the Glans penis (glans).

PeniMaster PRO can be used immediately upon operations on the penis with the formation of scars (e.g. correction of Induratio penis plastica) and for very short penises as well.

PeniMaster PRO combines the following physical holding forces

1. Positive-locking fit - the trailer coupling principle

A latex diaphragm adapting automatically to the shape of the glans and having a thickness of only 0.3 millimetres coats the glans when the same is introduced into the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO in a practically inseparable manner - without compressing (crushing) the glans or expanding (swelling) the same by means of the vacuum. In this, the diaphragm tensioned on the basis of the vacuum maintains the shape of the glans even if pulling force is applied.


A subject demonstrates the capability of PeniMaster PRO within the framework of a video test report.

The internal contour of the glans chamber is adapted to the shape of a glans and contributes to the fact that the same cannot slip out of the system. In order to further adapt the shape to the circumference of the penis, adapter rings may be inserted into the aperture area of the glans chamber, upon request. This way, the device can be adapted in the best possible manner to each man.

By means of the aforementioned, glans, diaphragm, and glans chamber hold each other safely with PeniMaster PRO - similar to the parts of a trailer coupling. This “positive-locking connection” is maintained by means of an adaptive diaphragm, even if the glans enlarges or is reduced in size during application - an extraordinary feature of PeniMaster PRO. As the pulling force is distributed equally in a rectangular manner to the entire surface of the glans, the load of the tissue is at a minimum. PeniMaster PRO can be worn without considerable application of force onto the glans.

2. Adhesion - the principle of adhesive cream for false teeth

Adhesion (adhesive force) results from the profound, anatomically shaped surface contact of diaphragm and glans in connection with contact liquid* in PeniMaster PRO: a (separable) connection on molecular level. For example, adhesive agents fixing false teeth within the mouth area work similarly, or the adhesion of contact lenses on the eye. Moist, plain glass plates placed directly on top of each other can be relocated easily as regards to their position towards each other, but can only be separated with difficulty on the basis of adhesion.


Demonstration of adhesion forces due to contact liquid taking to glass plates as an example

With non-anatomically shaped extension devices without positive-locking fit fixing the penis or the glans with pressure forces (frictional connection), liquids reducing the friction of the penis will result in the opposite result: in this case the penis will slip out when exposed to higher pulling forces.

3. Vacuum that can be metered - the suction cup principle

The gentle vacuum in PeniMaster PRO primarily is designed to apply the adaptive diaphragm around the glans just like a tailor-made suit in an anatomically coherent manner and, thus, to hold the same in position in a flexible and dimensionally stable manner for the transfer of the pulling force. The diaphragm buffers the vacuum required for the aforementioned within the glans chamber towards the glans tissue in a protective manner. Thanks to this vacuum having only indirect effects on the glans, bubbles, lymph swellings, or an undersupply of the tissue with oxygen (hypoxia) are prevented in an efficient manner.


The quick and easy attachment of the PeniMaster PRO base and all important steps are demonstrated using an anatomically functional penis replica.

Furthermore, as the glans does not have to be pressed against the internal walls of the hollow chamber by means of vacuum-based pressure in order to adhere to the same (disadvantageous frictional connection, see above) thanks to the type of positive-locking fit (see above), the vacuum within PeniMaster PRO ultimately is as low as possible and can be metered for each glans size.

The “coarse vacuum” efficient within PeniMaster PRO can also be re-adjusted after having applied the device to the penis at any time (i.e. increased or reduced). On the basis of the interaction with the efficient types of force “positive-locking fit” and “adhesion” (see above), a reduction of the vacuum does not result in the glans immediately slipping out of the device, thus.

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