The PeniMaster PRO belt penis expander system in sectional view

The coupling of the PeniMaster®PRO belt expander system

The coupling of the PeniMaster PRO belt expander system connects the 
belt pulling force generator with PeniMaster PRO Basic during application.

On part of the belt pulling force generator, the coupling consists of a specifically shaped stainless steel bracket as coupling socket and, on part of PeniMaster PRO basic, of a two-stage coupling head on the glans chamber.

In order to connect both parts, the narrow segment of the coupling head is pushed into the U-shaped protrusion of the stainless steel bracket. During application of the penis expander system, the protrusion is pulled automatically to the wider segment of the coupling head. As the protrusion tapers in an upwards direction, coupling head and coupling socket are connected reliably in this position.

Coupling PeniMaster PRO basic with belt pulling force generator and valve variants

Penimaster Made in Germany

PeniMaster®PRO belt expander system

  • connects PeniMaster PRO and belt pulling force generator automatically
  • can be released when pulling force is exerted
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