The belt penis expander system PeniMaster PRO in sectional view
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The multi-position anchors of the belt pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO

The multi-position anchor of the belt pulling force generator of PeniMaster PRO
  • 5 plastic rings on the belt top to attach the belt end
  • allow for different wearing variants and adaptation to every body

The belt pulling force generator for PeniMaster PRO is equipped with five plastic rings appliquéd to the top that can be used to attach (anchor) the fixing clip of the belt at different angles (multi-position). This is very advantageous and absolutely necessary for the wearing variants hip belt and knee belt, because the fixing clip would have to be attached laterally and less secure directly on the thin tissue belt (for wearing variant hip belt). The wearing variant as knee belt with the clip to be attached to the belt from the top would hardly be possible without multi-position anchors. 

The stable plastic rings automatically make flat contact to the belt and are not noticeable when wearing the belt. Since the multi-position anchors are only a couple of millimetres thin, the tri-glide buckles can be routed above these comfortably for length adjustment.

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