The PeniMaster PRO rod penis expander system in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO rod expander

The rod system of PeniMaster for adaptation to the penis length

  • Rod system suitable for PeniMaster Classic and PeniMaster PRO rod expander
  • heavy-duty V2A steel
  • precise and easy adjustment to any penis length
  • extremely solid
  • not rusty
  • easy to clean
  • skin-friendly
  • unbendable and inflexible under any pulling force = both stretch rods always have the same length and transmit the same pulling force to the left and right of the penis
  • no risk of breakage or bending under load, much higher load capacity than plastic and plastic rods
  • easy adjustment of the same rod length on the left and right using identically long extension pieces for both sides
  • (only required every few days or weeks): simple exchange of the extension pieces to adapt to the penis lengthening achieved
  • permanent connection of the rods to the base ring for a secure hold even during movements
  • weight of the metal rods supports the stretching effect
Note: The base support is also suitable for PeniMaster Classic.

The extension rods transfer the tensile forces of the stretching device to the penis. Due to the length and small diameter of the rods, the rods are subjected to pressure and shear forces and must be robust. That's why we use self-made extension rods made of stainless steel for our PeniMaster system, which are made specifically for PeniMaster and designed for continuous use. The weight of the metal rods additionally supports the stretching effect.

PeniMaster Classic and PeniMaster PRO rod expanders can be used from a minimum penis length of 2 inches / 5 centimeters (measured when the penis is stretched). Even in this smallest expansion stage, the spring balance for pulling force control is fully functional with 0.8" / 2cm range of spring. The device can be adjusted precisely to all penis lengths. This is allowed for by differently long, inter-combinable extension rods (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2).

The scope of delivery covers extension rods for penis lengths of up to 10.4" / 26,5 centimetres (measured in the stretched state, this corresponds to the penis length in the erect state). The length of the device can be extended as required due to further additional rods. If the delivered extension rods are no longer sufficient, each rod pair can be re-ordered at a later point in time.


Complete set of extension rods for PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO consisting of paired threaded rods with 0.5cm, 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, and 8cm

Pic. 1
The extension rods in pairs of 0.8" / 2.0cm, 1.6" / 4.0cm, 2.4" / 6.0cm , 3.2" / 8.0cm and 2x3 rods of 0.2" / 0.5cm can be combined for the exact length needed.

Extension rods

Rod pairs in stages of two centimetres each can be screwed to the base rods fixedly assembled with the base ring and can be inter-combined (Fig. 2). For fine adjustment purposes, three rod pairs with 0.2" / 0.5 centimetres screw-on length in each case are delivered.

Eleven expansion stages of PeniMaster in rear view from the tiny basic model without extension rods up to approx. 30 centimetres

Pic. 2

[!] Note: The base ring and the extension rods are suitable for PeniMaster Classic and PeniMaster PRO. The holding support of PeniMaster Classic is mounted in this figure.
Expansion stages of PeniMaster Classic and PeniMaster PRO rod expander from the basic model to a system length of about 11.0 inches / 28 centimetres. Suitable for penis lengths up to approx. 10.4" / 26,5 cm (measured when stretched, this corresponds to the penis length when stiff). Thanks to the sensibly graduated extension rods and their combination options, the right setting can be found for every penis length. The system can be expanded as required by purchasing additional extension rods. The devices shown were gradually lengthened by 0.79" / 2 cm each. Between each of these expansion stages, three intermediate stages can be set using the 0.2" / 0.5 centimeter rods. These 30 additional expansion stages are not shown here.
Total length of all rods / (rods used)   for penis length
(measured when stretched)
Base ring including spring balance
2" / 5cm
0.2" / 0.5cm (pair 0.2" / 0,5cm)  
2.2" / 5,5cm
0.4" / 1cm (0,2"+0,2" / 0,5cm+0,5cm)  
2.4" / 6cm
0.6" / 1.5cm (0,2"+0,2"+0,2") / (0,5cm+0,5cm+0,5cm)  
2.6" / 6.5cm
0.8" / 2cm (pair 0.8" / 2cm)
2.8" / 7cm
1" / 2.5cm (0.8"+0.2") / (2cm+0,5cm)  
3" / 7,5cm
1.2" / 3cm (0.8"+0.2"+0.2") / (2cm+0,5cm+0,5cm)  
3.2" / 8cm
1.4" / 3.5cm (0.8"+0.2"+0.2"+0.2") / (2cm+0,5cm+0,5cm+0,5cm)  
3.4" / 8.5cm
In the following, the representation of the intermediate extension by 0.2" / 0.5cm in each case is relinquished..
1.6" / 4cm (pair 1.6" / 4cm)
3.6" / 9cm
2.4" / 6cm (pair 2.4" / 6cm)
4.4" / 11cm
3.2" / 8cm (pair 3.2" / 8cm)
5.1" / 13 cm
4" / 10cm (3.2"+0.8") / (8cm+2cm)
5.9" / 15cm
4.8" / 12cm ( 3.2"+1.6") / (8cm+4cm)
6.7" / 17cm
5.6" / 14cm (3.2"+2.4") / (8cm+6cm)
7.5" / 19cm
6.4" / 16cm (3.2"+0.8"+2.4") / (8cm+2cm+6cm)
8.3" / 21cm
7.2" / 18cm (3.2"+1.6"+2.4") / (8cm+4cm+6cm)
9" / 23cm
8" / 20cm (3.2"+0.8"+1.6"+2.4") / (8cm+2cm+4cm+6cm)
10" / 25cm
10.4" / 21,5 cm
(3.2"+0.8"+1.6"+2.4"+(3x0.2") /
  10.4" / 26,5cm
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