The PeniMaster PRO rod penis expander system in sectional view
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PeniMaster PRO rod expander

The pulling force control of PeniMaster PRO

  • allows for controlling and adjusting the pulling force exerted on the penis
  • allows for reproducible training efforts
  • solid spring balance with indicator up to 1150 grams
  • protects against accidental overloads due to pulling forces (subjectively) set too high
Note: The base support is also suitable for PeniMaster.
Explanation of the process of reading the scale of the pulling force indicator of the base ring
Pic. 1
Scale to control the exerted pull
Example: Markings four and five are visible, marking three is covered: The pull is between 690 and 920 grams

Controlling the pulling force exerted on the penis is helpful when enlarging the penis. Within a defined training zone of approx. 200-1200 grams* (Fig.1) the soft tissue of the penis is optimising its capability to grow new cells. Lower pulling forces often are not enough for the formation of new cells (the pulling force does not reach the threshold required for a reaction of the cell tissue). This is similar to using weights that are too light for a muscle workout program. However, if the pulling force is too strong, it may put stress on the penis tissue and still not significantly improve results.

How it works

The base rods of the device contain a built-in spring balance to control the exerted pulling force (Fig. 1). The scale is divided into five clearly defined sections to monitor one’s individual training zone.


If there is hardly any pulling force exerted on the penis (in basic setting after application) you can see five markings on the spring balances. With increasing pulling force (by unscrewing the thread, Fig 2) the base rod slides along the scale. The markings are covered depending on the corresponding pulling force that is exerted. The distance between each marking equals about 230 grams* of pulling force.

Spring balance of the base ring with indicator of three load conditions on the basis of unscrewing the fine thread
Pic. 2
Sample position of the spring balance:
  • Position I: No pull
  • Position II: Pull of approx. 650 grams
  • Position III: Maximum pull of approx. 1150 grams

* How high is the maximum pulling force of PeniMaster PRO?

The maximum possible pulling force of PeniMaster PRO is not limited by the device, but physiologically by the user. Tests have shown that the glans chamber of the system can transfer a pulling force of 7600 g to the penis (see: laboratory test). Higher weights were not tested on test subject for safety reasons.

From the medical point of view and with respect to the safety for the penile tissue, however, we recommend permanent pulling forces between 200 - 1200 g. Of course, significantly higher pulling forces can be set with the belt, the rod and the weight expander system. However, they will no longer be displayed by the pulling force control devices of PeniMaster PRO, e.g. the spring balance in the rod expander. We do not want to incentivise the users to strive for irresponsibly high pulling forces for the penis training.

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