PeniMaster PRO weight expander
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PeniMaster PRO weight expander

Base weight

The base weight of the PeniMaster PRO weight expander with securing system.
  • starting weight for penis stretching with the PeniMaster PRO Basic
  • 250 grammes
  • integral securing system
  • weight can be increased with additional weights

The base weight of the PeniMaster PRO weight expander weighs 250 g. The weight is connected with a coupling to the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO basic system and secured with a clip. Firmly connected to the base weight is the securing system, consisting of a shoulder belt with safety cord. To increase the pulling force, more weights, in gradations of 125 g, are screwed into the bottom of the base weight and then into each other.

Safety belt

The safety belt made of high-strength fabric is firmly connected, by means of a tear-resistant safety cord, to the base weight of the weight pulling force generator. The belt can be individually adjusted to one's body size using ladder lock buckles.

Coupling retainer of the PeniMaster PRO weight expander

Coupling retainer

The retainer prevents the base weight from coming loose from the glans chamber when there is relief of the pulling force. For this, the coupling retainer is opened like a clothes peg and clipped onto the narrow segment of the glans chamber by the return spring.

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