A PeniMaster penis expander is suitable for virtually every man

PeniMaster combined with other methods

The wish for accelerating or improving the achievable results of an elongation treatment of the penis by means of accompanying measures is understandable.

Arrow in three directions as a symbol for the alternatives to PeniMaster.

Regarding this, you will find an assessment of the options below:

Pills and ointments for penis elongation

As has been proven, there are no effective pills or ointments resulting in the growth of the penis or even in the straightening of a curvature.
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Vacuum pumps/hydraulic pumps

Vacuum pumps cannot be applied for a sufficiently long (several hours) period per training phase to exert a growth pulse on the penis.
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Dietary supplements, diet

A balanced diet and and practicing enough sport and exercise will increase the material well-being and support the libido and the potency.
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Massage techniques

It is not possible to enlarge the penis only with massage techniques or corresponding exercises.

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