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Already relatively small enlargements of the penis mostly are satisfying*

For the most part, it takes only a little change in size to turn a small penis into an average penis, and to turn a normal sized penis into a large one – which the results of our public survey about penis sizes show and is demonstrated in the adjacent chart (pic. 1): The proportionate enlargement of the penis illustrates that even an increase in volume by only 10% results in a much larger penis. An increase in size by 20% or 30% can also be achieved by using a penis expander. This is being experienced by the man as a very dramatic enhancement – which objectively is really the case.

To what overall extent the penis should be enlarged depends mostly on the motivation of the user of a penis expander. Treatment depends on the personal goals of the individual, even if the penis already has a normal size (see also results). 

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An increase in volume of 10% may already mark the difference between a "small" and a "normally sized" penis.​

Volume increase of the penis
Fig. 1
Here we illustrate a penis of visually 5.5" / 14.0cm length during an erection. This length can be classified as below average, as approximately 70% of men have a longer penis (see:  Survey ). Even an increase of only 10%, equal to 0.55" / 1.4cm, lets a penis of 6.06" / 15.4cm grow to an average length. That length is only surpassed by 40% of men surveyed.

* As with all physiological treatments (e.g. physiotherapy), the possible results of the application of a penis expander also differ from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.