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PRODUCT ARCHIVE: Item no longer in the range
PeniMaster Classic is no longer in the MSP Concept range. The current successor model is the modular PeniMaster PRO System. Until further notice, you can find accessories and spare parts for PeniMaster Classic in our Webshop.

Basishalterung Penis-Fixierung - der Halteriemen Penis-Fixierung - die Halteauflage Längen-Einstellung Zugkraft-Kontrolle

PeniMaster Classic Product details

Product photo: PeniMaster with five referencing numbers that can be clicked and are explained in the text

1. Base support

The universally shaped base ring supports the device for penis enlargement with the inserted penis on the body and allows for wearing the rod expander in an upwards and in a downwards direction or diagonally on the body underneath normal clothes.

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2. Penis fixation I - the holding belt

The anatomically shaped holding belt fixes the penis in the holding support and reduces the partial pressure forces due to the large contact face with the penis. The slots in the holding support open in an almost wear-free manner when the holding belt is inserted, which is why the support is comfortably soft and has a long service life.

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3. Penis fixation II - the holding support

The holding support with clip function allows for connecting the already fixed penis with the extension rods directly from the top and, thus, comfortably without over-extension. The adaptive fastening apertures allow for easy insertion of the holding belt at high locking force at the same time.

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4. Length adjustment

PeniMaster Classic can be applied to penis lengths over five centimetres (measured in the stretched condition of the penis). The extension rods can be adjusted accurately to the millimetre and can be extended without limitations.

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5. Pulling force control

PeniMaster Classic is equipped with an integrated spring balance in the base rods in order to control and fine-adjust the exerted pulling force on the penis.

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Solid processing

PeniMaster Classic and PeniMaster PRO are equipped with solid metal rods that can be extended lengthwise in an unlimited manner and are optionally chrome- or gold-plated. All plastic materials are of a low-torsion and highly stable nature. Components subject to particular mechanical stress are glass fibre-reinforced.

This effort is justified in terms of a long service life, since a penis expander is subject to significant punctual loads on the basis of the leverage of the rods, such as in the hinge area of the base ring.

The product is largely assembled manually. This way, the miniature springs for resetting the adaptive fixing webs are manufactured manually; the metal rods are polished manually.

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