PeniMaster for penis enlargement in detail

PeniMaster® for penis elongation

Patented rod expander with holding belts


with adaptive fastening slots in the holding support is probably the world's technologically most sophisticated rod expander with holding belts for the penis. Numerous and patented details make PeniMaster the quality product of choice if wearing comfort, handling, reliability, and safety are as important during application as visible successes of the stretching routine on the penis.

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Product advantages

more about PeniMaster

Product photo rod expander PeniMaster

Penimaster Made in Germany


Illustration of the penis with applied comfort belt and put-on base ring with base rods Illustration of the penis fixed with holding belts in the holding support with the base ring put on

1. Guide penis through base ring and apply comfort belt, if required

2. Position holding belts around the penis in front of the glans and pull it through the holding support

Illustration of clipping in the rods into the holding support from below. Illustration of the screw thread of the holding support.

3. clip to rods

4) adjust pulling force with screw thread and check with spring balance

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